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Eliza Bishop, Chef-Owner

Eliza spent several nights of her childhood crouching on the stairs long after bedtime, listening to clinks and laughs of her parents' dinner guests, acquiring a lifelong love for partytime.  After attending Groton School, she headed to the College of Charleston, studied art and sociology, and was also bitten by the culinary bug in that great food town.  Since her very first waitressing job at a diner (she was awful), she's worked in all aspects of the food world, serving, bartending, cooking, catering, and managing.

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Billy Bishop, Renaissance Man-Owner

Billy has a regular-person day job, but is an indispensable member of the crew and an amazing cook. He’s the lead chicken-fryer on Thursday nights, and attempts to talk Eliza out of her more ridiculous ideas.

In their free time, when not stuffing their faces alongside dearest friends and family, Billy and Eliza explore this magical island with their babies Teddy and Frances.

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Meg Kelly

General manager, classic Sagittarius, classic classics major, good cop

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Claire Sasner

Catering manager, Zumba queen, OG Band Mom, genuine lover of weddings